Main Personages

Alexander, the Exciseman (Old Uncle Alex) and his friend Robert Burns, the Scottish poet

Alexander, the Founder and his brother Adam Seaton (Senior)

Billy, later Sir William, eldest nephew of Alexander, the Founder (his father was William, brother of Alexander)

John, second nephew of Alexander the Founder and great-grandfather of Alex, the author (his father was Captain John)

Adam Seaton (Junior) eldest son of John

John's sons Dr Alex, Herbert and Charles who fought in Gallipoli and America John who settled in Texas

Harry de Courcy-Wheeler, the author's maternal grandfather and his daughter Dorothea, the author's mother

Surgeon Wheeler, father of Harry and great-grandfather of the author and his sons Billy (Sir William Ireland de Courcy-Wheeler), George, Diamond (Robert)

Willie, fourth son of John and the author's paternal grandfather, Doris and Sheila, daughters of Willie, and aunts of the author

Dermot, son of Willie, and father of the author

Alex, the author