The Story of a Dublin Merchant Family (1774‒2001)

Alex Findlater

Findlaters — The Story of a Dublin Merchant Family 1774‒2001


I General Information

II Family Map

III Main Personages

IV Preface

Chapter 1

Alexander Findlater, Exciseman & Robert Burns, the Poet

Chapter 2

Alexander the Founder (1797-1873) and his Brothers

Chapter 3

Billy, later Sir William Findlater (1824/1906)

Chapter 4

Findlater's Mountjoy Brewery

Chapter 5

Great-Grandfather John Findlater, head of Findlaters 1873-1908

Chapter 6

Adam Findlater, Southern Unionist Businessman 1855-1911

Chapter 7

Dublin Theatres: The Star, The Empire Palace, now The Olympia

Chapter 8

Gallipoli 1915

Chapter 9

Easter Rising 1916

Chapter 10

The de Courcy-Wheeler Family

Chapter 11

Grandfather William Findlater and the New State

Chapter 12

My Aunts Doris & Sheila Findlater

Chapter 13

My father Dermot Findlater, 1905-1945

Chapter 14

The Empire Theatre of Varieties Ltd, Belfast

Chapter 15

Dermot Findlater from 1945 to 1962

Chapter 16

From Old Findlaters to New

Chapter 17

Bicycles, Blood, Bloom and Burgundy

Chapter 18

Interesting and amusing memories of old Findlaters

Chapter 19

Findlaters Grocery Price List 1904